Friday, September 1, 2006

September 2006 Posts

Sept. 29, 2006 - Friday
Chris woke up around 4AM with an elevated temperature. By the time the boys went to school it had come back down. She decided to stay home and work from home this morning. She called the hospital and they told her that as long as it stays in control that everything is ok. The Dr. had previously told her that this was most likely "tumor fever". Hopefully, it will go away as treatment continues. We're leaving this afternoon for Lycoming to visit Alex. We're all psyched!

Sept. 28, 2006 - Thursday
Chris went to work feeling well today. Before going to work she had to go to the Lab to get bloodwork done. The lab immediately faxed the results over to her Dr. early this afternoon. The Dr. called Chris this afternoon and told her that her white counts were lower (expected) and her bilirubin counts were NORMAL! This was great news as the bilirubin was quite high before she started treatment. They also said she should be okay to go to Parent's Weekend at Alex's college this weekend. We've been looking forward to this for a long time and so have the boys. We did get to go out to dinner for Chris's birthday tonight. She was feeling pretty good so we hopped at the chance.

Sept. 27, 2006 - Wednesday

Today was Chris's 44'th birthday. She did go to work today. I took her some noodle soup and crackers for lunch as she wasn't feeling too well. We were planning on going out to lunch but this was just as good! She took a cat nap in the car after I left and felt better. For dinner Chris's CEO made us a wonderful tortolini soup. It was just perfect for us. The boys loved it and it was greatly appreciated! Chris got many flowers for her birthday and a new IPOD to listen too while she's getting treatment. Unfortunately, she also got a fever of 100.5 which meant she had to call the Dr.'s office. They prescribed some antibiotics and she was able to get her temperature back down.

Sept. 25, 2006 - Monday
Chris stayed home from work today. All weekend Chris has been having severe pains in her legs and has not been sleeping very well. She has also started feeling a little bit sick to her stomach. The anti-nausea medicine has worked pretty well on that so far. Thank goodness it's covered under our insurance. The pills are $100 EACH. We had a run around with the insurance company about how many and how often they'd pay but it was finally resolved by the Dr's office.

Sept. 23, 2006 - Saturday
Some good friends of ours from the Annapolis, MD area came out to visit with us tonight. We went out to dinner in Frederick to everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant called LaPaz. We were able to get reservations on a busy evening as well. We celebrated Maria, Rash, and Chris's September birthdays. Chris felt pretty well but didn't eat a whole lot. Her tastebuds were affected.

Sept. 22, 2006 - Friday
Chris was feeling pretty good this morning when she got up so she went to work. She felt pretty good considering everything she went through yesterday. By the end of the day she was very tired and went to bed very early.

Sept. 21, 2006 - Thursday
This was the first day for the new round of treatments. We ended up being away from home for 13 hours at John's Hopkin's Hospital in Baltimore . Arrived at 8am for a CT scan. Then waited for the Dr. to get and read the results. Went into the treatment room around 1:00 only to find out that they were remodeling and that no visitors could sit with the patient! So I just kept coming in and checking on her and wandering the campus! We didn't leave until 6:30 or so as these drugs take awhile to administer. Chris's Dad came over to be with the boys when they came home from school and to let the dog out. OH YEAH THAT's ANOTHER STORY! Tyler went to the Fair and Mike and his Grandfather went out to dinner.

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