Friday, February 16, 2007

February 9 to 16

February 16, 2007 - Friday

No School. Bunch of wimps here in MD. Went to my meeting. It went very well. Then I drove over to Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech) and picked up the dog. I visited with Chirs's brother John and his wife Kelly (vet) for a while at her clinic. Got the dog ready to go and decided she could ride on the floor in the front. 15 mins later no deal. Had to sit on the seat next to me. Ok... 5 mins later lots of panting and drooling and then she starts to throw up!!! I knock her off the leather seats onto the floor and she finishes up. 2 mins later off ramp and she's in the back in her crate.

Got home around 5:45.

6:00 I turn around and head out for round 2 of our pool tournament in Baltimore. Got there around 6:50. I played 1'st agains someone who was 2 skill levels above me. I lost but was only 1 game away. Then we had 2 others lose as well and were sent packing! Oh well we all had a great time and it was an experience.

February 15, 2007 - Thursday

No School. This afternoon I drove to Martinsville, VA for a meeting that I am having on Friday. It was a 5 hour drive but I took my time and enjoyed the quiet tranquility of riding along down I-81. The boys were home for a few hours alone but that's not a problem. I think Chris took them out to dinner when she came home.

February 14, 2007 - Wednesday

SNOW STORM!!! Ice too. Schools closed. About 3 inches of ice on the ground. Working from home parent's worst nightmare. Chris stayed home and it was very nice and pretty outside at least. The boys were outside all day sledding and snow boarding in the back yard. So was the whole neighborhood.

Febrary 12, 2007 - Monday

Today dinner was provided to us by Sally from COMSTAR. A wonderful pot roast!!! Just what I needed for the ole diet! We gobbled it up that's for sure. Diet update 2 weeks = 13 lbs loss. I'm sure I'll find them somewhere. We're getting ready for a "big" winter storm coming in this week. We'll see! Nothing like what my sister is facing in upstate NY though. I know now why I left the great white north.

Sad day for the dog today. I took her to Chris's brother and he was driving her down to Dr. Kelly in Blacksburg to get fixed. Not that she was broken. Sort of like taking the car in for a 20,000 mile overhaul. Spay, shots, bath, haircut, etc. I'm going down that way on Friday for a meeting and will pick her up. We miss her .

February 10, 2007 - Friday

I play in a pool league on Monday nights and last fall we won the chance to go to Baltimore for a very large MD tournament. Hundreds of teams. Well we went tonight and WON our match!! This of course gives us the chance to come back to beautiful Dundalk, MD on Friday night to play round 2. If you win 4 or 5 rounds you get to go to Las Vegas!!! Keep your fingers crossed.

February 9, 2007 - Friday

Chris was feeling pretty well all day today. She did have a reaction to the chemo again though. Nothing major but the last 2 times she has turned a pink color. Sort of like she is flushed. She took some benadryl when she got home and that helped out some but made her sleepy.

The boys wanted to go skiiing (again). Chris decided that she felt good enough so we went up to ski liberty and dropped them off around 7pm. She and I drove around for a little while then went to a very nice restaurant in Emmitsburg, MD call The Carriage House. We had Alex's graduation dinner there last year. The food is wonderful and its a very nice atmosphere. I strayed a little off the diet but not too bad. I really recommend this place to anyone looking for something new. About 30 mins from Frederick.

After dinner we went back and walked around the ski resort for awhile until the boys showed up a little before 10. Drove them home and right to bed for Chris and the boys. I was up till the wee hours....

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