Monday, February 5, 2007

Well it's the Monday after Superbowl Sunday. We attended a gathering at some friends that live a little south of Annapolis for the game. It was nice to see everyone as the weather is now getting bitterly cold and it seems like we get cooped up inside way to much.

The boys had a 7:00 AM indoor lacrosse game on Sunday too. We left early and Chris was still sleeping. We took Michael to Sunday School after the game and then Ty and I came home. Chris was still relaxing. In fact she relaxed until about 11:00! It was great seeing her just reading and taking it easy. Sometimes we all need it, but she certainly deserves the time anytime she wants!

This week is treatment week. Thursday will be her last day for this round. Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

Saturday I was working in the basement on a project (cabinets) and the boys were out doing their thing in the neighborhood, so Chris took the afternoon and went shopping. I think that she really enjoys the unhurried time she gets when going by herself. She was able to find some nice things for her upcoming annual company party which is in a couple of weeks.

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