Sunday, March 4, 2007

Alex goes back to school...

Took Alex up to meet her friend Meg who will be taking her back to school. We're disappointed that we did not get to see very much of her during her break but she is doing wonderful at school in bother her academics and her lacrosse team. She certainly adjusted well! She has 2 games this week, Thursday vs. York College and Sunday vs. U. of Rochester. We are going to try and see both games is possible.

This wednesday Chris goes to Hopkins for a bone scan, CT scan, bloodwork and then to visit with Dr. Emens. She has finished her 6 month cycle and it's time to see what happened. I'll be dropping everyone an email later this week to fill you in on the details. Please keep us in your prayers this week as we prepare!!!

We got a very nice listing on the Guestbook from the nurse that took care of us in the Frederick Oncology Center when we were attending there. She made us feel very comfortable from day 1. We really miss her and the others there as well. Check out the guestbook and drop us a note if you would like. We love hearing from everyone.

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