Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Resting at home

After a long afternoon of waiting Chris is finally back home and resting in her own bed. I got to the hospital around 12 and Chris was still getting sick. They had given her another new anti-nausea drug. The pain was gone so at least that was okay. She was still very tired so we had the lights off and the blinds drawn and she tried to get some sleep.

Around 4 they came in with the discharge papers and Chris got ill again! Very weird because she had just told her mother on the phone that she felt much better! More drugs, and another hour later she finally felt good enough to come home.

She slept most of the way home. When we got home there was a large arrangement of flowers on the kitchen island from COMSTAR. They were beautiful and really made her glad to be home. and dad were here again as well. She went upstairs and I went out to get her prescriptions filled. She is still asleep now as I write this. I am exhausted and going to bed soon. We're home and that's what matters most right now!!!

Good night!

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