Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Tests and Dr. Appt

Another looooooooooooooooooooong day. First of all no school today. Snow flurries coming down! Left at 7:30 home at 4pm. Chris had a bone scan, ct scan and bloodwork done today. After all that we met with her oncologist. The procedures took all morning and up to 1:30. We were all over the hospital as the bloodwork is done at a different location from the nuclear medicine stuff. We finall saw the Dr. and unfortunately we did not get the ct scan results.

Blood work results were good. Showed normal liver functions and her ca 27/29 markers were lower. The bone scan showed a small area that had show up on other tests so really nothing new there.

We talked with the Dr. and she explained everything about the clinical trial and believe me there is a lot to know. Here is a MUST see link that is from a Washington, DC television station showing her Dr. and the study

She also wanted to consult with a specialist Dr. that does a procedure where chemo is sent directly to the liver mets. We'll know more on the scans when the report comes in.

Dinner was provided by our neighbors The Libonate's. It came at a perfect day and time. Thank you so much guys.

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