Friday, March 30, 2007


Well now I really know what it means to enjoy a Friday. This has been an incredibly stressful and taxing week to say the least. Thank you to everyone for looking out for us. We received beautiful flowers from COMSTAR and today a wonderful arrangement from our next door neighbors. All so thoughtful.

Chris is up and about. She continues to take her pain meds and the other 4 but has been tolerating everything pretty well. She is eating at the table and not having to sit in bed all day. She does rest a lot which is really good for her.

The boys are outside cleaning up old mulch. They want to go to the MS dance tonight so I put them to work first. It's the last dance of the year so it should be pretty well attended. Those DeWitt boys cruising for chicks like their old man!!!

Tomorrow they each have a lacrosse game at home in Frederick. So I will be at those all afternoon. Chris will continue to enjoy some more rest and relaxation. She did get up yesterday and today and was able to take some calls for work and did get a chance to go through all of her emails. She really is dedicated but I think it is more therapeutic for her to keep up with her work.

Well have a great weekend everyone and I'll post more later!

P.S. Alex's team won Wednesday night and are now 9-0!!!!! They are ranked in both the D3 coaches poll as well as the usual lacrosse polls too. Way to go Allie!

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