Friday, March 23, 2007

Ty's Tech Fair

Last night Tyler attended the Frederick County Tech Expo. His task was selected to compete against other schools in Hovercraft competition. One of many competitions for the night. He had to design and build a hovercraft out of Styrofoam, wires, motors and hot glue. He had 1 hour to do it. He competed against 10 other entrants. They had a course set up where they put power to them and measured how far they went in 30 seconds. Tyler came in 5'th place. Very good considering he was doing it by himself. Other teams had 2 members.

Chris came home early today from work. John's Hopkin's called with information about Monday's procedure. It seems that NOW she has to be there at 7AM. They want to do an MRI before the procedure to use as a starting point. They'll do subsequent MRI's afterwards to see the progress of her treatment. She's a little worried about the MRI as she is a little claustrophobic. They can give her something to knock her out I'm sure.

Lacrosse for the boys tomorrow. No snow in the forecast. Just rain!

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