Monday, April 9, 2007

After Easter

Well Easter was nice. Alex and John (boyfriend) were here. They could use a course in navigation though on Friday. Seems as if finding downtown Baltimore wasn't as easy as they thought. They even had my GPS with them and could not find it.... They eventually did though.

Friday the boys and I went to the Hood College Men's Lacrosse game in Frederick. They got to be ball boys and enjoyed that. Chrissy went to work for the afternoon and did pretty well. She continues to fight off this darn low-grade fever. She takes ibuprofen and it goes away but it is starting to be a pain for her.

Saturday was a lacrosse tournament in Frederick for all the city boys teams. We went and watched some of those. It was really cold and blustery outside though. Chris stayed home to keep warm! While home Chris got a bunch of Easter eggs together and had an Easter egg hunt for the kids (yeah all of them) Saturday evening. They had a good time and so did Chris!

Sunday was an early morning as we all went to 9am mass to celebrate Easter. Around 1pm most of the family came over and we had lunch with everyone. Chris really enjoyed having everyone over even if some couldn't make it. At 2:30 though I had to pack up the car and drive Alex and John back up to Lycoming. She had lacrosse practice at 6pm so she needed to get back. They have a really tough game coming up on Tuesday vs. Elizabethtown. We are going to try and watch that if Chris is feeling up to it. I got home around 9:30 and was exhausted.

Happy Easter to everyone. And a special thanks to Andrew from COMSTAR for making dinner for us last week. A wonderful pasta with chicken. You would never think that an IT guy could cook too, but he can!!! :)

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