Sunday, April 29, 2007

Alex game

Friday, I drove up to watch Alex's game. Her team squeezed in another quick game before the end of the season against a pretty tough opponent. Although they played hard and were winning at halftime 9-6 they ended up losing 14-12 in overtime!!! Another heartbreaker. It didn't matter too much though as it was non-conference.

Saturday their team finished the season up at Wilkes college and won 18-6. Alex played a lot and did really well. They now have their conference tournament that begins on Tuesday. Chris and I are hoping to go up and see them play that day. If they win they keep playing. Lose and their season is done.

Since I went alone Chris and the boys spent the evening together. They had nice evening and went shopping for some clothes! They're all good at that.

Alex is completely done with school. I brought home some things on Friday night that she won't need. She moves to another dorm on Monday where the entire team will stay together during the last week of games.


Anonymous said...

where are all the pics from this game??

Charlie said...

Right there under the PICTURES link!