Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Back to work day...

Well Chris just left to go back to work a few minutes ago. Yesterday she was feeling much better and even went out shopping for a little bit to get things for Easter. She has stopped taking her pain meds as that has finally subsided.

Lisa from COMSTAR stopped in last night and dropped some things off for Chris. Chris was glad to get see her for the time she was here. She's been cooped up for 10 days now and is itching to get back to the real world.

Hopkin's called yesterday to discuss her follow up MRI and when she will see the Dr. That date is April 19. Bad date. I made reservations to fly to Portland, OR for a meeting on the 17 - 19. Chris said it was okay and that she would be fine. I will find someone to take her and stay with her for the short trip to the hospital that day. Any volunteers?

They did tell Chris that the blood work done on Monday was showing all very good numbers for just about everything. That was good news. They can tell so much from a blood test now. The only thing that was a little low were her Red Blood Cells. But not low enough for concern.

Alex's team continues to do well. After last week's win they are now ranked 17th in the country in the DIII Coach's Poll. Find it here. Just incredible!

She and her boyfriend are coming home Thursday. Of course I have to go up and get them. She originally had a game but that has been canceled. I guess the other team was scared of them or something. She'll only be home until Sunday when I take them back up in the afternoon.

Oh yeah and the boys are now off school until next TUESDAY!!!! And it's raining outside today... Oh happy day. I'm sure they'll make it through the day!

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