Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

Well Chris continues to battle a low-grade fever. It spikes up to about 101 and then back down with some ibuprofen. She did well at work on Wed but yesterday stayed at home because of her fever. She is feeling okay except for this. Today she plans on going into the office for a little while while I take the boys to the Hood College Men's Lacrosse Game. They are going to be ball boys for the team during the game.

Yesterday I went up to Lycoming to pick up Alex for the weekend. In addition to her dirty laundry she also brought her boyfriend with her! :) His name is John. We had a nice dinner at home after we got back and sat around and spent time together after that. Good evening!

Today Alex and John are going to visit Baltimore's Inner Harbor. So I had to get them directions in hopes that they don't get lost and call me! I gave them my portable Garmin GPS to so hopefully they'll be back later!

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