Monday, April 2, 2007

Good Weekend

Well Chris made it through the weekend. She stayed home all weekend recovering slowly. Her appetite is back and the pain has started to subside which is great. She is up and about now and starting to get back to normal. I'm taking her to get some bloodwork done later this morning and then I'm running her down to her office to get some things so she can work from home. She's not quite ready to get back to normal.

Our good friend Cheryl came over yesterday and visited with Chris for awhile. I was outside planting some flowers for Chris that we had bought. Late Cheryl brought over some crab bisque! It was tremendous.

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation to the Avon Walk! I cannot tell you how much it helps. I have forwarded checks that I received over to Cheryl and she will send them in. She is well on her way to reaching her goal.

Alex's team won AGAIN yesterday! They beat the 18'th ranked team in the country. Lycoming is ranked 20th. Depending on which poll you read. Read about it here.

There are 167 Division III teams in the country, 40 DII and only 81 DI schools in the country. Many of the top ranked DIII schools compete with most of the DI and DII schools without a problem. In fact Lycoming scrimmages with some teams regularly.

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Anonymous said...

As of April 2nd... Lycoming Lacrosse is #17 in the nation.