Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Great Weekend!

Well the sun finally shined down on our family last Thursday and continued to do so through the weekend! The weather was just perfect.

Saturday was lacrosse day for the boys. Both won their games. Alex's team went to Drew University in NJ for another tough conference matchup. They lost in overtime by a 14-13 score! The same score their other loss was. They have 2 losses all season by 1 goal each! She got some good playing time and the loss was really tough to swallow. She has final exams this week. One each day Monday through Thursday. She has Friday off and everyone leaves Lycoming on Saturday. Everyone but her team. Her team has an away game on Saturday. The final game of the season. It is against Wilkes (of Wilkes/Barre in PA) After the game they have to move out of their rooms to another dorm and their MAC conference tournament starts on Tuesday. If they keep winning then they play Tuesday, Thursday and Championship on Saturday. Lose and they are done. Win the championship and they stay another week or so for the NCAA Division III tournament! Very exciting for her! Notice something funny in the pictures? Yeah that's right RED hair! College life!

Chris is great. Thanks to everyone who sent wishes of congratulations to us. We can't tell you what they mean to us. She will be going to see her oncologist in a few weeks and discuss where and what to do next. For now she's enjoying the wonderful weather and relaxing!

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