Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy Sunday

Well today is Sunday and it is a very rainy one at that. Plans for the day are ______. Nothing! Sit around and do nothing. Haven't had one of those days in awhile.

Yesterday was lacrosse day. Tyler played in Frederick, Michael in Hagerstown, and Alex played at home. Of course Tyler forgot his cleats, Michael forgot his jersey and Alex.... well she did well on her own! Let's just say from now on every piece of equipment/clothing will be laid out on the garage floor and inventoried by ME before we go!!!

Tyler and Michael both won their games. They play with the spireslacrosse club here in Frederick. I'm on the Board and involved with the club as well. It is an excellent club and provides lacrosse for over 150 kids this year.

Alex's team rolled over a lesser opponent on Saturday. She did great and play more than 3/4 of the entire game. Results are here. She has only 1 week of classes left, then 1 week of finals. It is hard to believe that her freshman year is almost over... oh wait a minute I just looked at the savings account balance, it's over!!!!!

Friday, some very good friends of ours that live in Rochester, NY stopped in Frederick on their way home from NC. We went out to dinner with them for a few hours. It was really great seeing them again. We stay in touch via e-mails but nothings better than a friendly hug once in awhile. They have been through quite a lot in recent years as their 11-year old son, Ryan, recently passed away from leukemia. We talk a lot about things and it is nice to have someone that knows exactly what is going on in our family. Information on Ryan is here. Thanks for stopping in Rich, Jill and Shannon. You are in our thoughts every day!

This is a busy week for us, I have to fly to Oregon on Tuesday and home on Thursday. Chris has an MRI and Dr. appointment on Thursday. She wants to go to Alex's next lacrosse game on Wednesday so she may be driving up there on that day. She knows how to get there but I think we'll try and find someone to go with her.

Have a great week!

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