Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Well this was a somewhat normal week. Boys playing lacrosse with a couple of games on Saturday. Chris and I attended their games because she continues to look and feel really well.

Alex took off for a couple of days to visit her boyfriend in NJ. She cam home on Saturday and starts work again at COMSTAR on Monday! Today is Sunday and I was able to get her hooked up in the lacrosse officials world again. She did one game last Saturday and was able to pick up 4 games today. The pay is really good and cannot be passed up even on Mother's day!

This morning we took Chrissy to Bean's and Bagels for breakfast. After that we went to Home Depot and she picked out a bunch of flowers and plants for the yard. The picture to the left shows the patio and all the stuff that Chrissy has worked on the last couple of years. There's a little plaque that says "Mom's Garden". The boys and I then dug lots of holes for all the plants. I then sent them next door to do the same thing for our neighbor. She's a single parent and there was no need for her to dig holes so the boys did it for her. This year Chris made a bunch of planters and flower boxes.

Chris's oncologist called on Wednesday. She had missed an appointment and the Dr. was following up with her. We had no idea an appointment was even made. This Wednesday Chris is going back to see her oncologist and get started on all the paperwork involved with her clinical study. A Ct scan, bloodwork and a physical are in store for her Wednesday as well. Another busy day at John's Hopkins. She is very excited about moving ahead with this!

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