Friday, May 4, 2007

Loss in the Semi Finals

Chrissy has really been feeling pretty well recently. I truly believe that getting out and watching the boys and especially Alex's lacrosse games has been a tremendous lift. Yesterday we drove to Drew University to watch Alex's team play a really tough match.

In each of the last 3 losses that they had their opponant scored 14 goals and Lyco scored 12 or 13. Last night Drew scored 14!!!! Lyco 12.... tough loss. They were losing 4-0 2 minutes into the game, losing 10-2 at halftime. The stormed back and made it a very exciting game but just couldn't climb back. Again, Alex got some good playing time. She said she was very nervous but that went away. Read the write up here. I put pictures up on the pictures page too.

The 1st picture above is right after Alex came into the game for the 1st time. There was a penalty shot being taken and she had to be behind the player. The next picture shows the player falling down as soon as the whistle blew!!!! That's great defense!!! Way to go Allie! (I think she tied the girls shoe laces together when she wasn't looking!)

She is now officially done with school and I have to go up to get her and her things sometime today (Friday). Not sure when yet. It will be nice to see her home. We've really missed her a lot!

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