Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Playoff Game 1

Alex's team won their first playoff game 25-13 yesterday at home. Here is the Lycoming press release on it. They only beat Scanton by a few goals in the regular season and it was nice to see them on a wild tear! Alex got some playing time in the 1st half and played a large portion of the 2nd half as well. She is the 1st substitute to come in. She's still a freshman and there are still more experienced players in front of her but it really is encouraging to see her get the amount of playing time that she is getting. She's making the best use of it too.

Note the tatooed "L" on her leg in the pictures for this game that I took. It's not permanent!!! Her team plays Drew University on Thursday this week in NJ. They are going up on Wednesday and staying in a hotel the night before so that they are well rested and ready to go. They lost to Drew in the regular season by 1 goal in overtime! They are looking for redemption.

Chrissy and I drove up to watch the game yesterday and really enjoyed it. Her mom and dad came over to be with the boys and that gave us the time to run up there and back. Another friend helped by getting Tyler to his lacrosse practice as well, thanks Ferren! Without the help from others we would not be able to get out and see Alex. Not only does Alex appreciate it but Chris really enjoys and appreciates it as well. Seeing your child play rec sports and high school sports is one thing, but NCAA collegiate competition is a step above.

BTW Alex did check her grades and did very well again this semester! Looks like she's going to be allowed to go back in August!

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