Thursday, June 21, 2007

1st week with no school...

Well this is the 1st week of summer and there is no school. So far so good. Things are getting done around the house. The shed is getting painted, the yard is getting picked up. It's kinda nice!

The boys are in Lacrosse camp each afternoon this week and that's keeping them busy too.

Alex is going to see her boyfriend in NJ today... hmph.

Chrissy had an employee resign late last week. The employee was supposed to attend a conference in Las Vegas next week so, after some coaxing, Chris decided to take her place and attend the conference! She hasn't been to Vegas in awhile so it will be a nice getaway for her. She is going with Marianne from COMSTAR as well so she won't be alone. She leaves Saturday and comes home next Thursday.

While she is there she will have to go to a lab to get bloodwork done. This is not bloodwork that needs to be used for research so she can go to any lab. It's a CBC, or complete blood count. We're hoping that the insurance company pays for it. They may not as it is "out of area". If not then we are hoping that Hopkins helps out somehow. We'll see. If not we will just pay it ourselves. I'm excited for her to go.

Tomorrow, Friday, we are going to Hopkins for an MRI and followup visit with the Dr. that did the chemoembolization. He's monitoring how stable the tumors in her liver are. There were still some in her left lobe that were not treated. They generally do 1 lobe at a time. I'll fill you in later.

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