Monday, June 4, 2007

Can't Sleep

Well it's Monday! 4:00 AM on Monday to be exact. Another one of those sleepless nights for me. Every so often I wake up and can't get back to sleep. I hear all the others in bed sleeping, Chris, Ramsey, and Chloe, but not me. Yes it's rather crowded in the bed nowadays!

Tuesday is the day that Chris goes to the hospital for her skin biopsy. Part of the trial and then Thursday for lots of blood. Next Monday chemo starts and the 4-6 week cycle begins. Things are going to get pretty hectic around here for sure. It will be nice that school is out soon and that Alex is home too.

This weekend we went out to Annapolis to some good friends of ours who were having a graduation party. There son just graduated from high school and is now going off to college. We know what they are going through! There were a lot of friends there but I have to tell you about some very special ones that I had the pleasure to speak with. Jim's Mom was there, along with Glen's Dad, and Maria's Mother and Father. I don't know exact ages but I'm quite certain all of them are in their late 70's or more. Everyone looked wonderful and I had the chance to speak with each of them. It was just enlightening to see them and be with them for that time. I've known Maria's mom for almost 20 years! I knew her Mom before I knew Maria. Her mom worked for a company that our friends Rich and Sumo (don't ask) worked for, so I met her there.

She and I talked for quite awhile about Chris and my family. She prays for us quite a bit and has been doing so for a long time. I told her that it was working and to keep up the good work! Thanks Helen!

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