Monday, June 25, 2007

Hectic Few Days

This was a very hectic few days around here. Where to start....

Friday we spent the entire afternoon at Hopkins. Chris had her MRI and after a long wait we finally got to speak with the Dr. This is the Dr. that did the chemoembolization. He told us that the old tumors were in fact just scar tissue BUT that there were new tumors appearing again. NOT the news we wanted to hear, but as we've been doing this for awhile we were somewhat prepared. This Dr. is going to speak with our Oncologist to find out the best method of attack. He recommended that Chris repeat the procedure, but since she is in the clinical study that may not be a possibility. Or it may. We'll know later this week EXACTLY what we're doing. Sooooo..... again our summer is up in the air. We didn't get done until after 5pm so we just went to Fells Point and had dinner on the waterfront. The boys were home all afternoon and did great, as usual.

Chrissy did leave for Las Vegas on Saturday morning. I am so glad that she got a chance to go and get away for a couple of days. She has the address of several blood labs in Vegas so that she can go and get her Tuesday blood counts done. It will be a busy week for here while she's there but Marianne is there with her will help her out I'm sure.

Alex left on Thursday to go to NJ to visit with her boyfriend so that left you know who with me!!! The boys and I went out to get Michael a new lacrosse stick on Saturday. After stopping at several places he finally decided on one. We went to their favorite place for lunch, Panerra. We all had the same thing... bread bowl with soup! We were supposed to go to a pig roast later that night but the boys and I felt it best to go home. After being home for awhile we went out and had dinner in Frederick together. It was really nice getting a chance to be out with them. They too have been through so much and have helped us out so much that I sometimes lose sight of that. Thanks guys.

Sunday morning we got up a little early and went fishing. Yeah you heard right, FISHING. Tyler bought a new pole Saturday so I figured we should go try it out. We went and got some breakfast to go from Beans and Bagels and a very large coffee. Then we went up to Middletown park where there is a small pond to fish. Tyler and Michael fished and I sat in my new camping chair (father's day present) and read the paper with my coffee. We were there about 3 hours or so. Good time.

OH>>>> we took the dog with us. Not something we normally do but sure why not. Well I got up to take her for a walk in the park. She was walking along the edge of the pond and wanted to go to the other side. She saw a bunch of pond scum on the top where we were and thought she could just walk across it. She could not. We now know that she can swim! She came out and had algae and seeweed all over her!!!! A funny site.

Ray and Cheryl had the boys and I over for dinner last night. It was really nice to get together and sit and relax after a long weekend. Good friends!

On Friday we did get some unfortunate news from one of Chris's co-workers. Rosalyn's husband, Dane, passed away on Friday afternoon after a battle with cancer. Although we did not know Dane personally very well, we had met with him about 10 times or so over the last few years as both he and Chris were going to the same oncologist in Frederick for awhile. Each time we saw him we talked for a long time about many different things, and it was always a pleasure to see him. We were always glad when we walked in and saw him there. We even saw him at Johns Hopkins for awhile as he was also getting into a trial there. Each time we saw Dane he was always upbeat and positive. It really helped put our mind at ease sometimes when we were waiting in the waiting area. He always had a smile for us as well. He will certainly be remembered in our lives forever. Thank you Dane...

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