Monday, June 11, 2007

The Trial Begins!

Well after about 10 months of hard work Chris began her clinical trial today. Today she received her 1st chemo treatment which will be followed by a specialized vaccine tomorrow. Today it took a very long time to get everything straightened out. The IV nurse had orders that there must have been a full blood count in the last 7 days, but she had nothing in the system with the numbers in it. Chris did have a CBC in mid may. After a couple of hours she finally got a hold of Dr. Emens who approved using the older numbers. After that the drugs were given. 30 minutes of drip time for the Chemo and 3.5 hours of hassle. It will work better in the future for sure!

This regiment works as follows:

Day 1 chemo
Day 2 vaccine
Day 3 Blood draw
Day 4 Blood draw
Day 5 Blood draw
Day 6 Blood draw

Day 9 different chemo given
Day 16 Blood draw
Day 23 Blood draw

Then for the next 2 weeks we go for various followups with the doctor and prepare to go back to Day 1 to start another round...

Needless to say there will be some miles racking up on the cars in the coming months as we head off to John's Hopkins on a regular basis!!!

Wish us well!

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