Friday, July 6, 2007

Back from the beach.

First here are a bunch of pictures from the beach. Lot's of wather pictures but plenty of others in there too. Please feel free to look through them all when you have time.

We had a nice time. The weather was pretty good as well. The kids all played in the water the whole time while Chris and I just sat on the beach and watched. I got out there really late on Monday after flying back from Ohio and then we drove back on Thursday so that the boys could get to lacrosse practice. They weren't too happy about that but too bad for them!

We went and picked up the dog at the kennel in the afternoon. She was really good while there but freaked out when she saw us! Her little heart was pounding really fast.

Chris went back to work today as did I. She's been gone for awhile and has a lot of catching up to do. Alex's boyfriend is coming to visit on Saturday. Her 19'th birthday is Monday. Yeah 19! Tyler leaves for lacrosse camp on Sunday.

We did get some unsettling news as well. Chris's 39-year old brother, John, has to go into the hospital for a triple-bypass surgery on his heart! All indications are that this should be a very successful operation. We're all a little worried about it and are doing everything we can to help them out.

Next week we meet with Dr. Emens on Wednesday and Chris will get another series of Skin tests. We'll go back on Friday and if all is well she will start the 2nd round of the trial next Monday. That will be another long week as we have to go 6 days in a row. We'll do it though, we did it before and will keep doing it. As you can see from the photos Chris looks just marvelous!

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