Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day at the Park

We're having a really good time up here at Deep Creek. Today we went to a local state park. We've been going to this state park every year since we have been coming up here. Chris absolutely loves coming here. This park has 2 very exciting water falls. The first is Swallow Falls which actually is small enough that the kids can flow down the river and over it's edge as there is a big smooth rock beneath it. Muddy Creek Falls is the other water fall. A much taller one. The kids actually were able to go under the waterfall behind the falling water. They loved it.

The forest is the exciting part of the park. There are huge sycamore trees throughout. Unfortunately, Chris did not make the trip down to Swallow falls as it was a bit too far. She did make the shorter walk to Muddy Creek though. She made it there but the trip back up the tall stairs was very, very tiring to her. She loses her breath very quickly and we had to stop a couple times on the way up. She was very determined and made it! We then took the boys up the river a few hundred feet to catch crayfish.

Tomorrow.... Supposed to rent a boat and tool around. Stay tuned!

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