Saturday, July 21, 2007

Doing Better

Chris is still in bed but is really doing better. She's pretty much slept for the last 3 days which is good. She woke up this morning and was feeling well enough for tea, milk, and some eggs. Hopefully soon she will be up and about.

Alex took the boys to NJ for their lacrosse tournament. She spent the night in a hotel with them and took them there first thing this morning. We were really unsure about sending her but they've done fine. They have 4 games today and should be back home around 8pm.

My highschool friend, roommate from college and best man from my wedding stopped by last night on his way to NC. They have 4 kids and are all doing great. They live in Utica, NY not far from where we grew up in upstate NY. It was great seeing them again even for just the over night stay. Thanks Film and Barb! Have fun at the beach.

The rest of today will be........ Nothing. Just quiet with Chris.

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