Monday, July 2, 2007

Off to the ocean

Chrissy got home really late Thursday night. It was really great to have her home. The kids and I did just fine while she was away but missed her dearly. Saturday Chrissy and the kids left for Ocean City, MD. I didn't go as I'm now in Akron,OH. I have a business meeting at Firestone Country Club with a bunch of clients! It's a beautiful day and we're playing golf. I fly back late tonight and will drive out to OC and hook up with them.

Saturday I piddled around the house and did some things. Then I took the dog to the kennel for a few days. It was sad as she's never been away from us and yes we're all a little attached to the furball... Saturday night was weird. I was home in the house all by myself. Quiet and somewhat lonely. I was tired so I just went to bed.

Chris's oncologist called on Friday. I spoke with her as Chris was at the grocery store. She told us that we should continue the course we are on, clinical trial. The new tumors are not uncommon when you get on a new treatment. She's on Tamoxifin in addition to the trial. It can take up to 3 months before the drugs starts to work so you can see a spike in activity. As for the trial, that is fine for now and she will get regular scans with it and if they see continued progression then they can stop and perhaps do another chemoembolization. Also, the bloodwork that is done will show if in fact the regiment is not working by simply looking at the bloodcounts. She told us not to be overly worried about it. We trust her judgement.

That was a very big burden lifted from our shoulders. It took a week to get to us though, only because Chris was away and they said they'd call when she returned. Next meeting is July 11th with Dr. Emens. Bloodwork in OC on Tuesday.

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