Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Procedure Day at the Hospital

I'm typing this while sitting right next to Chris in the recovery room at Johns Hopkins. It has been a very long day as expected. The good news is that she should be coming home with me tonight! She was in recovery around 1:30 and when I spoke with Dr. G he indicated that everything went well and that she should be good to go around 6 or so.

She is feeling really well except for some severe pain in her back (not from me). The pain meds are starting to work for her and as long as that keeps working she'll go home. Her parents went over to the house for awhile with the boys and Alex came home early to relieve them. Alex is taking the boys out to dinner tonight and a little shopping. This is a huge help having her home for us while this is going on.

In fact this Friday she is taking both of them to NJ for a lacrosse tournament on her own. I just can't get away to go up there so she's going to do it.

I'll post more later or tomorrow but for now Chris will be home recovering soon!

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