Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Running a Fever

The past 2 days Chris has been doing really well. She has been up and about most of the day. She's been eating pretty well although her taste buds are shot. Today she woke up with a craving for McDonald's Fries of all things! For lunch we ran out to get some. 1st time out of the house in 7 days! We then went to the grocery store for a couple of items. It was great to see her up and moving. She also has been working some as well. We have a workstation set up in my office in the basement where she has complete access to all the stuff at her office. She's been keeping up with lots of email.

This evening however she was starting to feel a bit chilled and sure enough her temperature was 99.5. She had a heck of a time last time keep it below 101 so hopefully this won't be as bad.

Tomorrow night Miguel Tejada is playing shortstop for the Frederick Keys. We have tickets and hopefully Chris will be well enough to go. Miguel is the shortstop for the Orioles but has been injured for a couple of weeks.

We are still on track for going to the lake next week. All things depend on Chris but I think it will work out. Keep you fingers crossed.

Chris spoke with her brother today and they are sending him home from the hospital tomorrow. He is doing pretty well after quadruple bypass surgery last Friday. We were not able to go down and visit with him because of Chris's treatment, but she's been in contact with her parents and with John.

And today Marianne's dad had surgery to remove a brain tumor. From what I've heard everything went pretty well for him. Marianne has been a huge part of our treatment the past 3 years so I'm sure her dad is in good hands!

We did get the next Hopkins appointment today. September 26 is the MRI follow up to see how this all worked out. We'll meet with the Doctor after that. Until then we will just plugging along. There's a lot of summer left to enjoy and we're going to do our best!!!

Oh and one last thing..... Yesterday was Chloe's birthday!!! 1year old. We looked it up today and realized we missed it. Oh well, she's still a dog...

Thanks for the cards, flowers, emails, dinners, and all that. We cannot begin to thank you all.

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