Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday in the Park

Chris continues to not feel very well. Saturday morning she again vomited after eating breakfast. She really just feels "blah" as she puts it. It really takes a lot out of all of us. She is eating noodle soup as her primary food. Sort of like being down with the flu.

Sunday she was up and about. I took the boys to go and play paintball. A small price to pay for the luxury of total quiet in the house for 6 hours!!! I cut the grass as we finally have gotten some rain! Alex finally came home from NJ after spending a few days up there.

Chris rested and was feeling well enough to go to the City of Frederick's Sunday Concert in the Park.

COMSTAR sponsored the band on this day and she was supposed to be there to introduce them and help set up a table. She did great and was able to sit at their table for a little bit and introduced the band!!! The weather was nice and we stayed for the entire concert. Very nice to get away for awhile.

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