Monday, November 26, 2007

Back home.

We finally left Deep Creek on Saturday afternoon. We drove around a lot on Friday and Saturday looking at places that we've been to before. The weather was really weird. Normal for up there. It was 72 degrees when we went up on Wednesday, Thursday morning it rained then the front rolled through and the temps dropped 30+ degrees in couple hours!

Friday it snowed and the temps were in the high 20's. Pretty cool. We went by the Wisp ski resort and saw them making snow on the mountain. It was really cool seeing all of the snow machines running at one time! The kids got out and played in the snow! Some pics here.
I woke up early on Saturday morning and got a chance to watch the sun rise over the lake. It was pretty spectacular and on par with the sunrise on the bay I posted a few weeks back. I seem to have that knack of waking up early for some reason now.

We got home around 5pm on Saturday. Tyler went to the movies and Alex went to Chipoltle to get dinner for us. She had a bunch of things to do before going back to school.

Sunday Alex and I went out for coffee and then went out and bought a wreath for the front of the house and a huge poinsettia. Later we cleaned out the storage room and made our way to the Christmas decorations. While moving some boxes around I found a bag that contained some new ornaments. When I opened it I saw that it was ornaments that Chris had bought at Deep Creek in August when we were there. Let's just say it took me awhile to get myself together and get back upstairs. We did get the tree put up in the family room. No decorations yet but the tree is up. I don't know how we're going to make out during the holidays. I really, really don't. I do know that we have no way to prevent it from coming so we must do what we can to make it through. We will certainly have our entire family over for the holidays. That's what we've done for a long while and Chris would have it no other way this year too.

Thanks to everyone for looking out for us during the Thanksgiving week and for continually keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We really need it! Take care and I'll try to keep you updated as the holiday moves in.

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