Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well today has been a very, very tough day. We drove up to Deep Creek Lake yesterday afternoon. After checking into our room in the condo we went down for dinner to the all you can eat pasta bar in the hotel restaurant. It was the same place that we've visited the past few years and always enjoyed the meal.

This morning I woke up around 7 and decided to get up and go out for coffee. There is a really nice coffee shop just up the road from the hotel so I went there. After getting my coffee and newspaper I went over and sat down on a large leather chair in the corner. I sat and read for awhile and then sat and looked around for awhile at the signs that were for sale on the wall. After a few moments I looked at the wall behind me and just over my shoulder was a small sign the said it all. A very nice plaque that said "Time Began In a Garden", and had 2 very pretty purple iris flowers on it. Chris loved iris flowers and of course loved working in her garden. This was my sign that showed that we did the right thing coming up here and that she was indeed really with us. I, of course, bought the sign for our house and maybe one day we'll hang it in a house up here by the lake.

I went back and got the kids around 10. We went out and got them something to eat and then just drove around to look at the area. Places that we've enjoyed many times in the past with Chris.

At 3pm we had reservations for Thanksgiving dinner in the hotel restaurant. The food was great and we had a very nice table next to the windows overlooking the lake. Dinner was nice but will never be the same again without Chris. We miss her greatly.

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