Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home Coming for Tyler

Today was Tyler's homecoming at high school. He was nominated to be one of the princes for the king and queen's court. He didn't win but was really psyched about getting on the ballot! He asked me about a week ago if he could have an "after" party. I said sure. Well now there's 40+ people on the invite list and probably more coming! Needless to say I'll have my hands full. We went out and bought a whole bunch of food and stuff for the party and pizza will be ordered when they all get here.

I just dropped Tyler off at the dance a little while ago and am now in the waiting mode before the big bash. He was all dressed up in a new shirt and tie. I dropped him off and then cried most of the way home. Another one of those moments that seem to be coming more and more often. Chris would have been so proud of him.

Tyler, Michael, and I went to the homecoming game today to watch their team WIN. Very exciting. Tomorrow we have tickets to the Baltimore Ravens NFL game at 4pm. So we're excited about that too.

Wish me luck tonight with all the 9'th graders!

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