Monday, December 17, 2007

Concert for Christmas...

Alex finally made it home on Friday. She got a bunch of snow in central PA so she played it safe and came home during the day on Friday. An easy drive she said.

Saturday, she and I went out for coffee and breakfast. It was a nice morning and nice to sit and chat, even though I had to wake her up! College student you know… We did a little shopping after that and then came home. She and Tyler then went out in the afternoon and Mike and I went for groceries. We’re not too good at that on a regular basis. Alex came home and started looking through the bare refrigerator and cabinets and gave me a hard time!

Sunday was a very busy day. We got up and had to pack up all our belongings from our rooms as they are coming to carpet the upstairs on Monday (I think). After that we left to have lunch at a restaurant in Rockville, MD. This restaurant is owned by Scott Blaugrund. I coached his son’s baseball team a few years ago right after Chris was diagnosed. Last month he told me to come down for dinner so we decided to wait until Alex came home. Incredible food and great atmosphere. Check it out if you’re in the area it is called The Potomac Grill. Thanks so much to Scott and his family for lunch and getting our day off to a great start.

After that we drove down to Washington, DC. We went to the International Spy Museum which is located near the Verizon Center. We spent a couple of hours in there and had a fun time looking at all the exhibits and learning about espionage and covert actions! I think Michael has found a career as he really liked it.

We then walked over to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. What an incredible concert. Almost 3 hours long and worth every minute. Check out some of the pix and videos if you can. Since this was the boys 1st concert they were amazed. It’s not quite a head-banging metal concert but pretty close. They played many wonderful Christmas songs and then kicked it up for an hour near the end. We didn’t get home until almost midnight!

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