Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's been a long week...

The title says it all. I went to my friend Jeff's funeral last weekend. It was really tough and almost made me relive the week that I had all over again. I was, however, very glad that I went. There were lots of people there that I knew and I was able to see Jeff's wife Kristen. She was unable to come to Chris's funeral as she was caring for Jeff at the time.

I got home Saturday and my friends Danny and Brenda and Karen and Glen came up for a few hours. We just sat around and chatted and had some Chinese food. It was great seeing them.

This Friday is Michael's 12'th birthday and another one of those 1'sts that will keep coming. We don't have any immediate plans just yet but may take him to his favorite restaurant for dinner.

Today I attended calling hours for a woman that I had never met. Barbara Case. She is the daughter of one of the board of directors at COMSTAR. She had been battling breast cancer for quite awhile and unfortunately she passed away this past Monday. Married 28 years, along with 4 children. A very similar situation as mine only they were about 6 years older. I went and saw Nick (board member) and his wife. I also had a chance to meet Barbara's husband. I gave him my number and told him to call me if he wanted to talk. I hope someone, someday can put a stop to this.Tonight I was on a cooking extravaganza! I don't know what I made but as you can see from the picture the boys enjoyed it. Noodles, chicken and whatever else I could find. I'm trying the best I can to keep them fed! They seem to be doing just fine!!

The holidays are fast approaching. We are trying to get some decorations up but it just doesn't seem to be happening as fast as we would like. Today we got about 6" of snow and it's been cold. It did put me in the holiday spirit and we dug out a few more things tonight.

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