Friday, December 7, 2007

A sign?

Well today is Michael's birthday. He turns 12 today. We'll be doing something this evening for him I'm sure. Most likely dinner and a movie. He loves the local Japanese steakhouse so that will probably be it.

Now, sit down and get ready for this. This morning I was up getting ready and of course thinking of Chris. I just sort of said to myself "Honey just give me a sign that everything's okay". We all probably do that at some time or another but today being Michael's birthday it had a bit more meaning.

The boys left for school and I went into Frederick to have coffee and run a quick errand. Everything was going pretty well and I left the coffee shop around 8:45. In the morning I usually listen to the local AM radio channel. Chris did a lot of advertising work with them and I still hear her ads on the radio each morning for the credit union.

One of the things this station does is run snippets of people in the community saying something about the morning show. So I'm listening and cutting through town to get to the other side and my route took me right past the back entrance to the cemetery where Chris is buried. This is the same entrance that was used on the day of her funeral. As I pull up to the stop sign at that entrance I hear on the radio the following: "Hi this is Chris DeWitt of Frederick, MD and it's time to rise and shine with WMFD". Or something pretty close to that. It was a recording of Chris done sometime awhile back by Bob Miller the host. I was with her when it was recorded in fact.

Needless to say hearing the voice of my beautiful wife again was overwhelming and I completely lost it. I had to pull over. My hands were shaking and I just could not control my self. I needed someone to talk to so I called Marianne at COMSTAR and talked with her which was really helpful getting me back on the road!

Thanks for answering me Chris! I now know everything is okay.

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info said...

This is a wonderful site and a great tribute to Chris.

I'm so sorry for your loss. That's why I started Climb for Hope so families won't have to deal with the horror of losing a loved one to breast cancer.

We'll be sure to carry Chris's memory to the summits of Cotopaxi and Kilimanjaro in 2008. And, we'll work hard to raise money so Dr. Emens will find the next viable treatment for advanced breast cancer

Andrew Buerger
Climb for Hope