Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weekend before Christmas.

Well tonight we finally got a chance to use Tyler's new firepit that he built in our backyard. It's been there for a couple of weeks but it's either been too cold or too wet to use. We'll have our own little campground in the back yard this year!

Yesterday (friday) we all went to the movies together (Alex, Ty, Mike and I). We saw the premier of National Treasure. Cool movie.

Thursday we went out to dinner together after taking a bunch of things over to the thrift store that Chris's sister Jenny works at. We started taking a lot of things there knowing exactly where the money is going to benefit when an item is sold. Of course while there we had to shop! We picked up 2 suits for Tyler which I must say looked very nice on him.

The rest of this week we had dinners at home and just spent the evenings together. I went to the cemetery on Thursday and cleared up what was left over from Thanksgiving. There were a lot of graves that were decorated for the holidays. It was very nice. I put up the following wreath on Chris's grave for her. It is a wreath that was made for her by Jonnietta at the credit union a couple of years back. It has a small angel in the middle with the word "inspire" on it. She was certainly an inspiration to all of us.

The holidays are fast approaching and I am really torn. One side of me just wants it to get over with and I'm not really in the festive mood. Then on the other hand, I have 3 children that keep reminding me of the holiday and somewhat force me to get into the festive mood. Things are okay. It is really, really going to be tough to get up on Christmas morning without the love of my life next to me. I'm not looking forward to it but I'm sure the kids will help keep me sane.

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