Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost February

Hi. Well tomorrow is February 1st and the year is starting to fly by. I won't sugar coat it. The grief that everyone talks about is truly starting to creep in. I miss Chris more and more every day. We all continue to move on, no matter how difficult it is.

We went to the Auto Show in Washington, DC last week. Spent the entire afternoon there. Afterwards, the boys and I walked to the ESPN Zone for dinner. After that we stayed a couple hours and played video games in the arcade. Bonding I guess!

We try to keep busy and have been doing a good job of that. We're starting to plan our summer. Alex will be away for 2 weeks in Australia and we're going to the beach and some other places too. Gotta get away. Alex started lacrosse practice last week and is looking forward to this season. A lot of people plan on going to the Pink fundraiser game in April.

Michel came by on Monday and brought us dinner which was very welcomed. I think the boys are getting tired of my cooking already! I guess it's time for some classes.

The boys are going to Ski Club tonight. That means they won't be home at all until 10:30 or so. I've started looking for things to do or places to go. These nights are the most difficult for me. I work from home and I'm alone all day. That''s not a problem at all. But in the evenings when it's quiet that is when things start to weigh on me. This is part of the process and I'm working through it. There's bad days and not so bad days. Maybe a sprinkling of good days too. Although those are hard to find.

Keep us in your thoughts and thanks for checking in with us!

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