Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No problem there...

Well once again something very odd/coincidental happened to me today that I just cannot explain. I hope that by telling you someone can shed some light on it for me.

This past weekend I posted a couple of ads on Craig's list to sell some items out of the basement. We're going to do some painting and remodeling down there and wanted to get rid of some items. One was a desk that we had set up for Chris for days that she would work from home. All the computers and such were given back awhile ago so we decided to sell it. Well someone came to the house this afternoon and bought it and took it away. No problem there.

I also had an ad for a treadmill that I was getting rid of and a nice guy named Mark from Frederick emailed me and said he was very interested. We communicated by phone today and he said he would come by tonight to look at it and take it if he liked it. No problem there. He called about 8pm and said he was running a little late. I was down in my office cleaning up a huge mess and hanging one of Chris's pictures that she had in her office at COMSTAR and the doorbell rang. It was Mark. No problem there.

I went upstairs and went to the door and Mark and a friend was standing there. I opened the door and we shook hands and said hello. As he started to come in the house I looked out into the driveway and saw the vehicle that he drove up in. PROBLEM HERE!!! You see the vehicle was a black paneled van with a small logo on the side that said..... Keeney and Bassford Funeral Home. Yup that's right.

After a quick chat with Mark, I find out that he works at the Funeral home and Mark along with the Funeral Director Rick were the ones who came to our house the day that Chris passed away. This was the SAME van used that day...

Mark was very, very nice and once again extended his sincerest condolences to us. We went downstairs and then brought the treadmill up to put in the van. It was very strange but I held it together pretty well. He was a nice kid. In fact I just looked at their website and his name is listed there with a little bio too. Check it out.

Afterwards I talked to the boys a little bit about it and we all chuckled a bit. I then called a special friend to talk about it. That helped a lot.

So, that's the story. I'm not sure why but it happened exactly this way for a reason. I'm still trying get my hands around things but these things really throw me for a loop.


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