Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last night I took all the kids to Liberty Mountain for some fun. We dropped Tyler and Michael off at the lift side and they went snowboarding. Alex, Jon, and I then went to the other side of the mountain and went tubing. It was pretty fun and wasn't too crowded. They have a moving platform to take you to the top which was kind of nice.

After a couple of hours we went back and met the boys over at the lodge and had dinner. After that we came home and played a game before I finally called it quits and went to bed.

This morning Alex, Jon and I went to church at St. John's. Well here's your sign!!! Father Funk was the priest this morning AND on top of that the entrance song was "Here I am Lord"!!! It's funny because I was talking to Chris's mother yesterday and we were just talking about Father Funk and wondering how he was doing. He started up chemotherapy a couple of months ago for a recurrence of cancer that he has been fighting for some time now. I spoke briefly with him on the way out of church and he and I gave each other a big hug! What a wonderful man he is.

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