Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day?

Yesterday was another one of those "first" days. You know, first _____ w/o Chris... Valentine's Day was always a bit special to us. I asked Chris to marry me on 2/14/85. Probably did it on that day so I'd never forget it. I had only known her since August 84 and we were married in October 85. Love at 1st sight? I guess so.

I went by the cemetery yesterday. I am finding it a bit easier to go there now. I find a bit peace when I'm there. I'm finalizing some things for her headstone and hopefully can get that ordered next week. That's my goal anyways.

My neighbor Sharon stopped by and gave me a box of truffles from Randy's place. He just opened it at the end of the year and yesterday was a big day. I bought the boys some candy and they received a few cards in the mail too. We sent a box to Alex with some goodies in it too. She sent us a card. It was addressed to the "DeWitt Men"...

The boys went to ski club last night and I spent the day at home working. Been pretty busy with that. I went to the high school hockey game last night and eventually went out to dinner with Ray and Cheryl (neighbors across the street) as their son was playing in the game. It was nice to be out on this day.

Alex comes home next Friday for spring break. She'll only be home until Saturday though as she is going to Tampa with her lacrosse team.

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