Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After Easter

Well this was a very hectic weekend! Started on Friday, I flew to Buffalo, NY in the morning, drove over to Rochester and hooked up with my good friend Rich. We then went to watch Alex's lacrosse game against St. John Fisher. It was a bad game for Lyco as they lost quite bad. It was a non-conference game but it still hit them hard. It was great because I got to see Alex start the game too!

Afterwards Alex came with us back to Rich's and we spent some time there and eventually went out for some wings later that evening. We then met up with her coach and Alex road back to school that evening. I flew home Saturday afternoon and then Alex and Jon (one N) drove home for Easter.

We had some family come over to the house on Sunday. Michael really wanted to be home and have baskets and all that. The day was very sunny but cool. It was nice getting together. Alex and Jon drove back Monday morning and I got back to work.

Tyler and Mike have off again today... They've been busy around the house. In fact, Michael spend 5 hours doing laundry yesterday!

The pictures here are from the Lycoming Relay for Life program that was held last weekend. The lacrosse team had a table set up and there were luminaries set u around the indoor track. The placed on in honor of Chris.

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