Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday

Last night was a horrible evening for me. Michael went to Deep Creek Lake with some friends and is skiing until Friday. Last night I had a lacrosse meeting and Tyler was at practice. During the meeting he called me and asked if he could spend the night with a friend and I said sure.

After my meeting it really hit me that when I got home no one was going to be there and it would be me all alone. This loneliness is really starting to creep into my life at times. Last night especially. I left my meeting and went to a restaurant for dinner. I finally got home and did some work on the pc and internet and eventually made it upstairs to bed. I laid there for quite awhile. It was really hard.

Tonight Ty was selected to have his feet washed as part of the Holy Thursday celebration at church. It is quite an honor to be one of 12 out of a huge congregation. Mass was nice and really makes you realize what Easter is all about.

Tomorrow I fly to Rochester NY to watch Alex play at St. John Fisher. I'm staying overnight with Rich and flying home Saturday.

I actually called Rich from the bar last night and talked to him for awhile. It helped.

Happy Easter to all...

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