Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lacrosse takes over the household!

Well now that March is here lacrosse has taken over the DeWitt household. Alex's team in college is doing well. They lost their season opener last night in double overtime. She played about half of the game and overall was pleased with her performance and the team's. Next game is Saturday and the boys and I are trying to go up to see her.

Michael plays lacrosse on 2 teams. The 1st is the Spires Lacrosse . He is in his 3rd year playing in this league. I'm the president of the club and have been pretty busy with registrations, uniforms, and regular team meetings. I like being able to see the club grow. This year we have close to 200 players! Up from 155 last year. His games are on Saturdays with practices on Mon/Wed. His 2'nd team is a select team called FastLax from the Frederick area. He practices on Sunday afternoons and is really enjoying this. It's more physical but the skill level is much higher and that helps him a lot. Games will be on Sunday after the season begins in April.

After a month of preseason practices and a week of tryouts Tyler found out yesterday that he was one of about 6 or 7 Freshman that made the JV Lacrosse team at his high school. He worked really hard to make the team and this was a great sense of accomplishment for him. Of course that means practice and/or games every day of the week!!!

So as you can see Spring will be a very busy time for me here. Sometimes I just can't be in 2 places at one time and many parents have helped out by bringing the boys to or from practice.

Me? I'm okay. Busy. Feeling a little better but in dire need of losing some weight. I guess I'll try and squeeze that in sometime...

See you...

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