Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Busy Weekend Ahead

Well tomorrow is going to be an incredibly busy day. Alex is done with school as of yesterday (Thursday). Her lacrosse team is playing their last regular season game tomorrow. She also needs to move out of her dorm on Sunday as all the athletes are rounded up and placed in the same dorm for the remaining time on campus. I need to go up and gather up some of her bigger items to bring home. She can then get the remaining items in her car when she finally comes home. Their MAC conference tournament begins next Wednesday with a game vs. FDU Florham. A team they just lost to last weekend. A tough matchup BUT they should certainly give them a good game. If they win they play Friday next week. Win again and it's off to the NCAA tournament! We'll see.

Tyler has a game at 9am tomorrow. I'm planning on going to that to cheer them on. Michael has a game at 1:30 in Thrumont. Not too close to here. I sent out an email Thursday to a bunch of people telling them of my plans for the weekend and as usual everyone has stepped up to help out. Ty has a ride home and Michael a ride up and back from his game. This will give me plenty of time to get up to Lycoming to see Alex's game and get her stuff. The boys will be home by themselves until I get home later in the evening but they don't mind too much.

I've decided to start telling more people my itinerary on days when I won't be close to home. It's important for me to know that extra eyes will be out for the boys. It's also important for people to know where I am and where I am going just in case something should happen to me as well.

Tyler is nearing the completion of his confirmation classes and his confirmation will be on May 16'th. Unfortunately, that is the same weekend as the Camp Jamie camp through the Hospice of Frederick County so he can't go. Michael's application was accepted and he will be going. Camp Jamie is a wonderful place for young children to go and get help in coping with the loss of a loved one. He really needs the help and this will be perfect. He is also attending some special classes in his school with kids in similar situations. He said there are about 6 kids and that they talk about all sorts of things. He likes talking about it.

Wish Alex luck this weekend and I'll try and fill you all in next week...

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