Sunday, August 24, 2008

Alex goes back to school

Well Saturday Michael and I took Alex back to school to begin her Junior year. Yes only 2 years to go... It was certainly sad to see her go as it was really nice having her home for the summer. Now that she's gone it is just the boys and I again. Last year was a tough one for sure but we are hoping that the coming year brings us a little more patience with one another as we all try to do as best as we can in school, sports and our jobs!

While we were at the school we went over and took a first hand look at the memorial brick that was place in honor of Chris by the Lycoming lacrosse team last year. It was a wonderful sentiment and was just wonderful to see her name on there. In fact her brick is only about 75 yards away from Alex's dorm room (3rd floor AGAIN!). So she's being well looked after.

Michael and I said our goodbyes and then we went over to watch some of the Little League World Series. We caught the US championship game and it was really fun to watch. There were 24,000 people there and most were in the outfield with us! We got home later in the evening and then just crashed. Tyler went with his grandfather to help Joey work on his house that he recently bought and is fixing up.

Today, Sunday, the boys and I went out for a late breakfast and then we went over to the cemetery to do some gardening. There hasn't been much rain lately and the flowers are starting to take a beating. We cleaned up and made our way home.

There are less than 3 weeks until the 1 year anniversary of Chris's death. So many, many memories are going through my head each day that it is really starting to weigh very, very heavy. I only hope that I along with the help of the boys can get through this coming event...

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