Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip to Antietam Battlefield

This is a busy weekend. My good friends Rich and Jill came into town on Wednesday evening to visit. They are here for the weekend to attend a crab feast and to go to the Keys game in honor of Chris.

Wednesday they came to the house and I showed them all the progress on the basement that we had made. Rich came down to visit me in May and helped pick out the colors with me.

Thursday morning Alex took their daughter Shannon shopping and I took Rich and Jill to the cemetery. Jill had not been there and wanted to visit. There is a lot of history in the cemetery and as you drive to visit Chris you go by a very long row of graves of soldiers that were burried there from local battles of the civil war. There are both
Confederate and Union soldiers there. The headstones are very old and many are faded away and several years ago new ones were erected directly behind them. The first picture here shows them lined up along the fence.

After going there, we picked up Shannon so Alex could go to work and then headed off to Antietam Battlefield. About a 35 minute drive. That was the site of the bloodiest 1 day (12 hours really) battle in civil war history. 23,000 soldiers died in that one day alone! It is a very special place to go and visit.

After the driving tour we went into the Antietam National Cemetery where about 5,000 soldiers are burried.

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