Sunday, October 21, 2007


This is the scene that I was able to see on Saturday morning. After doing some juggling with the boys and dog I was able to have the whole day to myself and I went out on my good friend Danny's boat and went fishing in the Chesapeake Bay.

My friend Rich (in the picture below holding the fish) from Rochester flew down on Friday and also went with us along with a few others as well. We were out until about 3pm and the weather was just wonderful. I haven't seen most of these guys since the day of Chrissy's funeral so it was nice to see them under different circumstances.

My in-laws took Tyler to their camp on Thursday and then I took Michael up there on Friday evening. I then drove to Danny's and spent the night there. Ray and Cheryl watched the dog and my day was set. I cannot begin to tell you how hard things have gotten being a single parent. It is just overwhelming at times juggling carpools and schedules with the 2 boys. Everyone has told me to tell them when I need help and I will. But at the same time I need to get adjusted to this as best as I can.

As you can see all the work paid off. We caught a bunch of fish and had a really nice time. Thanks to everyone for helping make it happen for me. I really needed the day away.

I was supposed to go and watch Alex's lacrosse team on Saturday but even she insisted that I go fishing. She understood completely. They did well without me being there!

This morning (Sunday) the boys and I got up early and went to 9am mass at church. After that we went to breakfast and then went to a pumpkin patch fundraiser at the church and bought some big pumpkins. One of the pumpkins is for Chris and I plan on taking it over to the cemetery in the next day or 2. The weather is getting cooler. This is Chris's favorite time of the year.

The boys are asleep and this is the hardest part of the day for me. This is the time that Chris and I used to sit back and just enjoy each other's company. I really miss that alot. I tend to just go upstairs and try to go to sleep now instead of staying up and watching tv. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it does not. I think Chris's passing is starting to settle in.

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