Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Over a week and no post!

For all my hardcore bloggers I'm sorry for not posting anything in the last week. It's not that I've been too busy but really there's not much more to post about. The boys and I are doing okay. They go to school, I work from home and then when they come home we work on homework and then dinner. We're in a routine now.

Michael has worked very hard to get his grades out of the cellar and with the term ending on Thursday he should be getting some good grades. He was having a horrible time a few weeks back but has finally started to put some effort back into his work.

Sunday I woke up at 4:30 AM. Sleep has not been too good recently. I piddled around until about 7 and then went out for coffee. Around 8 I went to the cemetery and sat quietly for awhile. It helps some. Sunday night the boys and I drove south of Annapolis to watch the Redskins game with our friends down there. Thanks to the Gebbia's for looking out for us.

The holiday's are coming and we're looking forward to them but it will be incredibly difficult. The kids and I are going away for Thanksgiving. Not sure where. Just away somewhere. Hopefully Alex and I can come up with something that we all agree on.

I'll keep you updated if things change around here.

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