Sunday, April 20, 2008

A beautiful monument!

Yesterday (Saturday) Tyler was with his grandfather fishing, and Michael and I were home together. He had a lacrosse game around noon. He and I talked about going by the cemetery after going out to breakfast and we were still on for that. He hasn't been there except 1 time and that was back in October. He was very well prepared.

When we entered the cemetery there were 2 huge firetrucks with a giant American flag hung between them in honor of one of their members that was being buried that morning. We drove under the flag and went back to to gravesite.

When we turned the final corner and started heading down the road I could see at a distance that the cemetery had installed the headstone that I had ordered. It was beautiful as you can see from the pictures.

We were there for awhile and I had my camera so I took a few pictures. While there a man in a skirt showed up. (Bagpipe guy). He was the gentleman that played at Chris's funeral and was there to play for the firefighter. He introduced himself to us and we chatted for a while.

Before we left Michael left a baseball, and mini helmet that he got at opening day this year at the Frederick Keys Stadium. The ball was a foul-ball that landed at his feet while walking the concourse. Fate? You can see the stadium from Chris's gravesite so we all know she's watching every game!

The front of her headstone has her favorite flower on it, iris. The back is engraved with a saying that was her favorite. It was also a verse that she used for a caligraphy project that is haning in our dining room. That picture was also brought to the funeral home where many of you I'm sure saw. The angel, of course, is there to keep watch over her every day.

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