Sunday, April 6, 2008


Well here I sit in front of the TV resting! We had a busy weekend. Friday was so raining that the city closed the fields that we play lacrosse on so we didn't have any games on Saturday. Of course when we go up the sun was shining and it was a very nice day. It never fails.

We did some yard work and started planting flowers in all the flower boxes. Every year Chris would spend hours outside planting flowers and making our home look beautiful. We continue that tradition for her.

Friday, night we went to opening night at the Frederick Keys game. It was so hard for me to be there without her. She enjoyed going there so much. We saw a lot of people there including the Mayor of the City of Frederick. Michael was able to snag a foul ball. We plan on taking it over to Chris's gravesite and leaving it there for her. He wanted to do that. He hasn't been to the cemetery but only one time, but I sense that he is getting ready.

Saturday afternoon the boys and I went to our friend Marianne's house to help her husband Andrew put in some closet shelves in the soon to be, new baby's room. We spent a good part of the evening there and had pizza. She is expecting very soon. Check her out here. She has a blog for the baby progress.

Today, Michael had a lacrosse game in VA. We spent the afternoon down there and although the weather wasn't that great it didn't rain. Ty stayed at home and clened up some things around the house. We are nearing completion on our basement remodel. The bar is done and the TV is on the wall. The picture here shows you how the bar is looking... The main things are done!!! Now we need, flooring, paint, furniture. All things that I dread doing... I'm hoping to get the flooring done this week and picking out a color for the walls. Picking furniture is tough as there are not many places to go here in Frederick.

This weekend is Alex's special lacrosse game that we are all going to . It should be a nice time for all that are going. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice.

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